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Starting on iOS App

App download

To download the ProRegatta App to your iPhone, go to the App Store, search for ProRegatta,  download and install the free app. Once installed, go to the login screen.


After installing the ProRegatta App you need to log in. If you don't have a ProRegatta account you have two ways to register: either using your email or via your Facebook account.

To register via email, choose the register option. Fill in your first and last name, email, password, confirm the password, read and accept “terms and conditions” and press the “Get Started” button.


For security reasons, your password has to follow these rules: Minimum 8 characters with letters and numbers and at least one capital letter or special character.  

To Register using your Facebook account, in the ProRegatta

login page simply choose "Continue with Facebook". Enter your Facebook information and you are ready to use the ProRegatta App.  

New training on iOS

If you decide to track your boat, select the "Training" option, followed by "New Training", and then "Start Now". Whenever you train, the emergency number configuration screen will appear so you can configure or confirm your emergency numbers. If everything is correct, click "Save and Start".

Countdown Page

By default, when starting a training session, you will start your tracking with the countdown screen. If you don't want to use this function, just click on "Tracking". The tracking data is already being recorded during the countdown. After the countdown is completed, you will automatically be directed to the Tracking page.

SYNC - Synchronize the countdown to the nearest minute by following this rule: if the remaining time is more than 30 seconds, for example, 4:35:,  when you press the button the clock goes to 5:00. If the remaining time is less than 30s, example: 4:25, when you press the button the clock goes to 4:00.
-1 min - Remove one minute from the countdown.

+1 min – Adds one minute to the countdown.

Start – Starts the countdown.

Restart – Returns to the 5 minutes option on the countdown.

Distance to Line - This function shows the distance between the Jury boat and the start float. To set the Starting line, slow down close to the Community boat and press the Blue Button, then head to the other end of the starting line and press the Red Button with a flag. The ProRegatta App stores these coordinates and shows the distance between the bow of your boat and the starting line.

Bearing Shows the direction your boat is moving - COG.

Tracking Page

Bearing - Shows the direction your boat is moving, COG.

Speed - Speed in knots. SOG.

Total Time - Shows the total time of the present tracking.

Training with friends

ProRegatta has a feature called "Training with Friends" (TwF), which allows training with your friends. These training can be viewed together and enable you to compare performances between a group of boats. This type of training can be seen in a live stream by everyone who is part of the training and can also be seen afterward, as a learning tool. To create a "Training with Friends" (TwF) in the training screen, select the "Training" option, followed by "New Training" and "Invite a friend".

Create “Training with Friends”

Add the information about the training you want to do. If you want to schedule this training for an upcoming date, select the start date and time in the "Start" form. You can also add a date and time for the end of the workout and its location.

Add friends that already have a ProRegatta account.

To add your friends, click on the 'Invite a friend' button. A search box will appear to find friends that already have a ProRegatta account.

Send an invitation to friends without a ProRegatta account.

To add friends who don't have a ProRegatta account, just click on "Invite an external user" and you will receive a link to share with your friends. Once your friends create their accounts, they will automatically be added to your workout.

Accept or decline a training invitation.

When you are invited to an event, you will be notified on the app and the training session will be displayed on the "Starting Soon" screen. By default, the invited sailors are in a "waiting" status. When you open the event, you must select the option to join or decline the invitation.

The procedure for the beginning of the training is similar to “Simple Training”. If you have doubts re-read the topic on Training.

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